julie + alan | glendronach distillery

Julie and Alan were married on 12th July 2014 after a year and a half of planning. They were married in Glendronach Distillery, near Huntly. Can't get much more Scottish than that! Big thanks to the fantastic Neil Thomas Douglas for his images of the day.

"Glendronach is managed by my husbands dad. It is not used as a wedding venue and we were the only ones to ever have a wedding there. We chose there because we wanted a wedding which was personal to us and something a little different. We really wanted make the wedding unique and having it at the distillery gave us this opportunity."

"I really enjoyed lots of the planning. I enjoyed picking my dress, choosing the cake, making invitations etc. However the planning of our wedding was really different as we had caterers to organise, marquee hire and decorating different venues on the distillery site. One favourite memory I have of the organising and planning process was the day before our wedding. We had fairy lights and bunting to hang, pom poms to make, barrels to paint and various little ‘bits’ to organise. It was a really hot day and everything was chaotic, however it was such a lovely atmosphere as our wedding party and families were all on site helping out. We had such a laugh and it was a great day leading up to the wedding."

"Alan was a good help. He helped make invitations; he helped choose caterers and organised lovely kilts. He was excellent on the day before the wedding in the decorating process and came up with some really creative ideas to make the wedding perfect. "

"We did travel to a lot of bridal shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We went to Anne Priscilla in Glasgow and they were having a trunk show of the latest Enzoani gowns. I spotted this particular dress and tried it on. When I put it on I basically looked for a fault (which I did with all dresses) and couldn’t find one. It had everything I was looking for. Nice detail but not too much, lace but with the silk panels (which I liked as it was a little different), fishtail and had a nice kick out at the bottom. It nice delicate straps and just generally had a lovely shape to it."

"We had a humanist ceremony which was just brilliant and so personal. We absolutely loved our ceremony and I can remember it really clearly and thought it was perfect."

"It’s very hard to choose just one favourite memory but I absolutely loved our ceremony. For a lot of people it might not be the favourite part and can be too long or too short but for me it was just perfect. The right amount of love and humour mixed in. It told our story and everybody laughed and cried throughout. I loved walking in and seeing Alan’s face for the first time, it was just perfect."

"I really wanted the wedding to be unique and personal so we made a lot/nearly everything ourselves. Our marquee was decorated using handmade vintage style bunting and fairy lights. For the table covers we used Hessian, we made our own jam for the girls favours and of course a mini Glendronach whisky for the boys. I had made flower jugs for the tables and had a selection of jam jars for candles and other random poses of flowers on the tables too. We had whisky bottles for our candle sticks and used whisky barrels for our cake stand. We used slate and chalk for our seating plan and also named our tables (distilleries Alans lived at) using slate hearts and chalk. All the slate shapes were made by my brother in law. Alan hand painted decorative barrels to sit outside the marquee also. In the ceremony venue we used a selection of hanging pom poms, candles and flower vases which we collected over the year from charity shops etc. We asked our guests to take a selfie at our venue too which added a fun touch to the traditional guest book signing. "

"I have two clear memories…. one was when I was making my way to the building we were getting married in and it was only my dad and bridesmaids left with me. We just had such a lovely walk down and lots of laughs and nearly tears (from me) were had. It’s a memory I will never forget. Both Alan and myself also think our clearest memory was walking into the marquee after the ceremony as Mr & Mrs for the first time. Seeing everyone cheering for us was great. We cut the cake for everyone before dinner and inside the cake was going to be pink or blue as I was 4 months pregnant so it was time for the big reveal. People were screaming and shouting when they finally found out it was PINK! It was a great feeling."

"Brides all say their day went too quickly and to save and remember each moment. I really feel like I did that and I can remember the day so clearly. It is probably down to the fact I was pregnant so couldn’t have too much to drink! However I would say -  work hard to get things the way you want it. We had an image in our mind before of what we wanted our wedding to be like and usually things are never as good as you want them however our wedding was exactly as we wanted and everything was perfect. Everything from the people, the relaxed atmosphere to the decorations were just right and it took a lot of prep and craft making to get it right!! Also I would strongly advise getting your ceremony filmed, we didn’t get this and thank goodness we have a hard copy to read. I would really love to watch it again however I have the memory of it which I will never forget."


Photographer - Neil Thomas Douglas

Flowers – Floral Finesse

Caterers – Rob from Broomhall Castle

Cake – Glamour Cakes

Band  - Muzo Matic

Humanist – Janet Donnelly

Marquee – Grant Tent Hire

Bridesmaids Dresses – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique

Brides Gown – Anne Priscilla