kirsten + pol | the recital rooms

Kirsten and Pol were married on 9th August at The Recital Rooms at City Halls in Glasgow... "we were planning for about 9 months! We decided in the November to finally set a date!" Huge thanks to The Gibsons for sharing their images of this pretty city wedding! You can catch Chantal and Scott on their websiteFacebook or Instagram.

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emma + scott | strathallan castle

Emma and Scott were married on 13th June at Sacred Heart Church in Bridgeton with a reception at Strathallan Castle. They were planning their wedding for a year and a half. Huge thanks to Chantal and Scott from The Gibsons for sharing their images of a gorgeous day! You can catch them on their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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lynn + wes | montrose street

Lynn and Wes were married on 29th August at Montrose Street Registry Office then One Up, and then had their reception in Mosspark Bowling Club. They were planning their wedding for 10 months. Massive thanks to Lee from Lee Davidson Connor Photography for sharing his images of their day. You can contact Lee through his websiteFacebook or Instagram.

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lou + ian | arta

With fabulous photography and input from Jo Donaldson Photography, I hope you love this Scottish wedding, I certainly do! Lou & Ian were married at Arta, Glasgow on 21st July. The creative couple were planning their big day for 17 months although from Lou's description it sounds as if a lot of the planning was done in the last few weeks, or week even!

Arta is an unusual but striking venue, as you can see from Jo's brilliant photos. "We had made an enquiry with the Corinthian, however they couldn’t accommodate our numbers so recommended their ‘sister place’ Arta. We went to view it thinking that we already had another venue chosen but we just fell in love with the quirkiness of it."

"My favourite part of the planning was picking out the invitations. Each guest had a different 7” vinyl record picked specifically for them. Ian was very involved in the whole process, although in the weeks leading up the wedding I was on holiday so took on most of the organisation at that point."

"I actually found picking my dress surprisingly easy! I visited a shop owned by someone I know, worried as I had no clue what I wanted, except vintage. After trying on many various styles, we had it down to one short and vintage and one long and non-vintage. When another group arrived, we asked them which they preferred and after their recommendation, I went for the short one! It was a gorgeous vintage dress circa 1950s, knee length, yellowish cream lace with lace sleeves to the elbow." Lou's dress was from Maida Veil in Peebles.

There are so many gorgeous short dresses around now, and the right length can be really flattering! Lou's bridesmaids were also super cute in contrasting colours, a fab trend! The girls dresses are from House of Fraser.

The girls Hollywood glamour hair & make up was done by Kaeleigh Wallace Makeup Artistry.

Lou & Ian had a Humanist ceremony and had many highlights on the day, "There are so many to choose from; such as a surprise rap from my sister or surprise cake from my mum! My favourite part of the day though was definitely the ceremony. Although the whole wedding was absolutely amazing, I have never felt so happy, scared and excited all at the same as I did during the ceremony. Standing on the steps with Ian in front of the Humanist Celebrant, looking around at all the guests and trying to take everything in is my clearest memory of the day"

Unbelievably, Lou handmade the grooms mens buttonholes less than two weeks before the wedding! How cool are they!

"About a week and a half before the wedding, we realised we hadn’t organised buttonholes for the kilt jackets. In my wisdom, I decided to make wee pin wheels, not thinking about the added stress! However, I was extremely pleased with how they turned out and I felt like it put more of a personal touch on things."

Lou does say to try and avoid leaving things like this to the last minute mind you! "Try not to leave too much for yourself to on the week leading up to the wedding. That was the most stressful time for me!"

I also caught up with Lou & Ian's photographer Jo who had loads of great input about her favourite shots from the wedding!

"Lou will tell you all about the beautiful paper flowers, the button holes that she made, the paper love hearts everywhere, it was just so lovely to photograph. Lou and Ian are just a really, really, cool couple. Funny, laidback.. and so perfect for each other, I’m so glad they asked me to shoot their wedding!"

"We were taking a few shots outside Arta when some tourists walked up and asked if they could take some photos. I don't know what was funnier, the fact that they asked or that the wee lady was grabbed in for a hug haha! A truly bizarre moment, but hilarious!"

"I love the excited looks Lou & Ian are giving each other, the atmosphere during this wedding was amazing"

"Colette and the girls rapped to Lou and Ian as a surprise, they were amazing! The rap was along to Fresh Prince of Bel Air but was all about them being from Biggar etc, I was literally howling with laughter as I was taking the shots!"

"In my last shot of the night - Lou had tried a few times unsuccessfully to get Ian to step at the right time with her. His response was to pick her up and swing her. I just love this couple!"

It's so lovely to hear a photographer be so passionate and enthusiastic about not only the wedding itself but the couple too.

The fantastic music themed cake was by Park Avenue Cakes.

I hope you love this Scottish wedding as much as I do! Big thanks to Lou & Ian for their fab input, and of course to Jo at Jo Donaldson Photography! You can also catch Jo on Facebook & Twitter.