your hen party | top tips

Let's get into one of the really important details when planning your wedding, your Hen Party! I have been doing some research, and generally been quite nosey on Facebook, to put together some fun and girly options for your last night of freedom... no willy straws in sight here, sorry to disappoint some of you! Here's a few of my favourite activities:


Can't go wrong with a cocktail making class, and there are so many to choose from all over the country! I had mine in the Corinthian in Glasgow and it was a really fun, classy activity, which conveniently involves alcohol in delicious combinations! I know they also do these classes in November in Glasgow, Revolution in both Glasgow & Edinburgh, and Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh.


So I don't know much about horse racing, but what could be the downside to donning your summer dress, fascinator and sipping bubbles while possibly winning some cold, hard cash to add to the champagne kitty for later on! Get in to the competitive spirit and cheer your horse on even though you have no idea which one is yours; the atmosphere is sure to get you and your hens in the party spirit for a night dancing on the tiles later on! Try Hamilton Racecourse or Ayr Racecourse.


I recently attended a 'FAME!' inspired dance workshop in Glasgow for a Hen Do, which I loved! And I am a TERRIBLE dancer; think Kim Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars... take myself too seriously, getting angry when I don't get the steps right. We were taken to a lovely air conditioned gym, dressed up in a ridiculous fashion, and made fools of ourselves by badly executing lifts, jumps, twirls, and pa de bas. Everyone was able to join in and there were some great photo opportunities. I saw the most amazing dance class idea recently, choreography to Beyonce's Single Ladies! You don't get many chances to become Queen B for a day!

The Cheerleading Company offer all different types of classes, from Grease to Bollywood themes!


Afternoon tea is such a lovely, relaxing afternoon which everyone, including your Granny can attend! If you or some of your friends are a whizz on the baking front, you can experiment with making gorgeous treats, decorate your house with beautiful, crafty bits, or why not go to a stylish venue like The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, OR, if it's Summer and you can rely on a bit of sunny weather, head to the local park or the coast to have a picnic! Check out my Pinterest board for some ideas on what you can make.


Cake decorating, lingerie making, body scrub making, chocolate making, fascinator making... I could go on! If you are good with your hands and fancy producing something cute, then this is the sort of thing for you and your Hens. I personally went to the Beauty Kitchen in Glasgow with my mum, mother in law and bridesmaids and made our own scrubs, we loved it!


Let's face it, it's not often we get to properly pamper ourselves and when better to do it with all your girlfriends to celebrate a wedding coming up! Group On and Living Social are constantly doing great value for money deals on spa days around the country; you should call the venue, sometimes if you mention you saw the deal but thought you would call directly for more information, they are usually very eager to book the deal for you there and then and possibly throw in a few extras.

If a spa day is beyond your budget, what about a pamper day in your own, or one of your bridesmaids houses. Most beauticians are happy to come over and offer manicures, make up and false eyelashes to you and your hens while you drink bubbles and eat cake, bliss! You are then instantly ready to head out on the town!


Coming in from left field here but I have recently been watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother and Barney's obsession with laser tag is becoming infectious. It is also a much less painful version of the dreaded PAINTBALL (why would you do that to yourself and friends!!?). If you are inclined to be more active, and really aren't co-ordinated enough for dancing, then laser quest is a great alternative! You can enjoy it at Xscape in Glasgow or LaserQuest in Edinburgh. OR what about my dream... a roller disco!! You can go to Edinburgh's Corn Exchange for that.


'Really!?' I hear you cry! So glamping is apparently the new big thing for Hen Parties... who knew?! Scotland may not be blessed with the kindest weather, but head out to Loch Lomond or North Berwick in the Summer and you could spend a weekend getting back to (eh, hem) basics with your girls and really let your hair down. You don't have to go as far as pitching a tent, what about getting a caravan or lodge! I know Piperdam in Dundee is an extremely popular choice for Hens who do want to make a weekend of it.

THEMES! If you are into dressing up (which I am NOT, but I know many who are), the themes are endless, from sports, to movies, to pop stars, to masquerade. What about a Great Gatsby inspired do, or a 1950's Housewife do, or a 90's rave! Check out the amazingness which is The Hen Planner, for some inspiration!

GAMES! SOOO many to choose from, Mr & Mrs, dress the bride, scavenger hunts, I have never... involve shots as forfeits at your peril! I was lucky enough to have bridesmaids willing to carry me home at 1am!

You will notice that all of these suggestions leave time in the evening for drinking tequila shots and generally getting completely smashed while dancing inappropriately to Christina Aguilera's Dirrrty and crying in the toilets. Some traditions have to remain!

And sorry, did I hear any mention of men in this post?! Eh, no! Go on girls, you can rock it on your own!

Okay so don't get me wrong, Hen Nights can become complicated, with politics between your girlfriends depending on what you choose to do, especially if you guys are coming from all ends of the country, which is quite often the case nowadays. There are so many options for weekends away, going abroad, and all sorts of expensive activities to add in to the mix! Many stories of Hen Night politics I hear are to do with money, and the fact that some of the girls can afford to be extravagant and some can't. In my opinion, one good quality day in a big, convenient city is better than putting everyone under pressure with travel expenses, accommodation issues, getting time off work, and so on, unless you are having a very small Hen Party with just your closest friends, or, have two! Go and have your extravagant weekend away with your bridesmaids, then have a big one with everyone you want!

I hope some of the above have inspired you to create an amazing Hen Party whether it is for yourself or for your bride.

Tell me what you are planning for your Hen Do on Facebook and Twitter, I'd love to hear about it!