a heartwarming DIY farm wedding featuring a flossy and dossy two piece

Nuala + Colin were married on 14th October at Harelaw Farm, they were planning their wedding for nine months. Massive thanks to the lovely Olesja from In The Name of Love Photography for sharing her images of the day with us. You can find Olesja on her website, Facebook or Instagram.

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jillian + david | elopement on harris

Jillian and David were married on 8th July 2015 on Scarista Beach, Isle of Harris. It took them ONE WEEK to plan! "In total it took us about a week to make all the arrangements.  We already knew we wanted to elope before we got engaged." Huge thanks to the lovely Rosie from Love Skye Photography for sharing her images of this sweet family elopement. You can contact Rosie on her website,Facebook or Instagram.

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styled shoot | elopement inspiration

When you think of an elopement you probably think of running away to some far flung sun soaked destination to get married just you and your true love, but that doesn't have to be! You can elope a few miles up the road in Scotland, and experience true tranquility and some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see, and this shoot proves that.

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emma + duncan | dallars house

Emma & Duncan were married at the pretty Dallars House in Kilmarnock (Emma's Mum actually lives in the house!) on Sunday 25th May. They were planning their wedding for 9 months. With photography from my good friend Gail from Rooftop Mosaic, this certainly looks like a perfect day!

"The venue is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful grounds. Because the house is also a B&B my bridesmaids and I were able to stay at the house the night before the wedding and on the day we watched all the guests arrive from the window as we were getting ready. We just walked across the lawn to the tipi where we had the ceremony and reception. It was great! Also, my mum and her partner live in the house and run the B&B so just seemed like the perfect choice." Emma and Duncan hired their tipi from Special Event Tipis.

"I loved that we involved all our family and friends in the wedding planning. They all had things to do to help us prepare so they really felt involved and we valued their help and input. It is easy to forget that your wedding day isn’t just for you, it’s so special for all your family"

"Dunc was involved in the whole planning process. He took care of the bigger elements and I considered the details. Luckily we agreed on just about everything so it was pretty stress free and straightforward."

"Duncan flew my mum to London (where we were living at the time) to go wedding dress shopping with me as he knew I would need her to be able to choose my dress. I found my dress in the first shop (but went to another shop just to make sure I was sure!). I went in thinking I wanted something simple and classic…I came out with a dress that had lace, netting, beading, sequins and just about anything else you can imagine! It was still very elegant and romantic. It also fitted with the venue well. I loved my dress. I think it is important not to stress too much about a dress. There isn’t just one dress that is perfect, there are loads of lovely gowns. As long as you feel beautiful and comfortable in your choice there is no point spending lots of time and cash visiting lots of places."

"We had a humanist ceremony. For us it was perfect. We worked with our celebrant to create a ceremony that was all about us and our family. There was so much love and laughter at the ceremony.  So many of our guests approached us at the reception and after the wedding to tell us how amazing the ceremony was, even some of our family that are quite religious told us it was the best ceremony that had been to. We were just delighted with it."

"The ceremony was an absolute highlight for me, which I wasn’t expecting to be honest. To see everyone you love in one room (or tipi in this case!) laughing and crying with you is just so special."

"Our caterer (Dalduff Catering) and our band Jim Jam were also exceptional. During our deliciously dinner it was great to sit back and see that all our preparation and hard work had come together beautifully. Our guests were well fed, merry and enjoyed every song they danced to."

"It is easy to get carried away with personal details but as we were living is Australia while planning our wedding we had to really think about the details that were important to us…and ask family and friends back home to help us arrange! My bridesmaid took care of confetti,  Dunc’s older brother made a music playlist, his younger brother and partner made the place names, mum made all the favors. It was great!"

Emma and Duncan hired Sarah from Creative Occasions to co-ordinate their wedding day. I caught up with Sarah and found out a bit more about how she helped them, especially when they were living in Australia. "Emma and Duncan hired me in October 2013, whilst they were still residing in London and we corresponded via e-mail and telephone, plus we met for a face-to-face consultation, when they were up in Ayrshire for Christmas that December 2013.  In January 2014, they moved out to Australia.  We then continued to correspond via e-mail until they returned to Ayrshire the week before their Wedding and I met them in person again twice before their Wedding Day.  With Clients in London or Australia is no problem at all for me, as I set expectations about keeping in touch and also copying each other into relevant e-mails with our suppliers."

"My role comes into action a month before the Wedding Day, to determine: who the Clients have booked; the scope of each Suppliers service, what each supplier needs on the day, create their Wedding Day schedule, identify who is doing what on the day and list the names of all the suppliers and the bridal party (including parents, the elderly and infirm).  My role is key on the day, as I ensure: everything is set-up correctly, Suppliers have what they need to get ready as efficiently as possible, the bridal party are enjoying getting ready and not worrying about what’s going on elsewhere, personally welcoming all their guests, on hand to help Suppliers and guests when needed and manage the proceedings of their day, assuring all of what is going on and when."

One detail Emma loved in particular was the table she made with pictures of her and Duncan's families on all of their wedding days. "We included our grandparents pictures here so it felt like they were there and part of our extremely special day."

"For me throughout the day there was an overwhelming atmosphere of love, happiness and fun. When I think back to the day I think of lots of different wonderful moments but the amazing atmosphere and feeling of the day stands out more than anything."

"Don’t give yourself too much to do on the last few days before the wedding. You should be enjoying the run up to our wedding not stressing about the small details you are putting pressure on yourself to get just right. Also, if your venue doesn’t have a wedding planner seriously consider getting one to run the day for you. It means if something goes wrong the bride/groom/mother of the bride etc don’t have to deal with it. You and your family should enjoy every minute, not worry about a spilt drink or broken toilets."

I also asked wedding planner Sarah for her advice to future brides... "Organise yourselves with detailed lists of: Things to Do, Suppliers booked, Budget versus Spend and who is doing what on the day. Sarah's Creative Occasions can do this all for you and guide you through the wedding plans step-by-step. We also offer clients a FREE Wedding Guide Countdown." Catch Sarah on Facebook and Twitter too.

To contact Rooftop Mosaic and enquire about your photography catch her by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, or follow her visual treats on Instagram.