My Scottish Wedding Venue Search

So as I was writing my last post on your wedding venue search, I got thinking about my own venue search and whether I would do anything differently if I was planning my wedding again... so I'm going to write as if I am, and choose a new venue! Obviously I really wouldn't change my actual wedding venue, the fabulous Boturich Castle at Loch Lomond, but for the purpose of the feature the rule is that I must, so here I will go through the venues that I would seriously consider, their pros and cons, and which one would I would eventually choose. This is actually quite exciting for me to think about planning another wedding... (no opinions on how sad you think I am thank you!)

I have to follow my own tips from my last post so first of all, the guest list. If there is one thing I would change about my wedding I would invite less people, please don't take offence guests! But we had just a few too many guests (135 all day, no evening) and looking back I think I would be a bit more ruthless when compiling the list, so lets say this time that we're looking at 110 guests, split into day and evening depending on the venue. In terms of budget, I'm going to choose venues with varying price points here...

So now I know the numbers here's the venues I would consider based...

1. Pollok House - admittedly I am a traditionalist at heart and Pollok House was slightly too small for our numbers before, now I can fit every one in (capacity 120) I would definitely reconsider as Pollok Park is somewhere I have spent a lot of time in (training for and running numerous 10ks, half marathons and a marathon), it's very close to home and is in a part of Glasgow I know very well. Pollok Park is one of the most beautiful parks and the house has the most fantastic grounds and photo opportunities without being too far out of the city for guests to book accommodation. It's a National Trust property and very grand inside and although it is not the blank canvas that is in fashion at the moment I feel I would look back on some timeless photographs of my wedding day here.

Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography

2. The Byre at Inchyra - initially I thought the Byre was too far out, but having travelled there last year to see the refurbishment (check out the post here) I found it was amazingly easy to get too (just five minutes off the motorway). It's between Perth and Dundee so again accommodation for guests wouldn't be too difficult and I have a connection to Dundee as it's where my husband and I met at university! When I first visited the Byre it reminded me very much of Boturich in terms of layout and space, the Byre itself is such an amazing space and you can create the exact look you want for your wedding. The grounds are stunning and if you are lucky enough to get the weather, you and your guests would have the most fabulous time outside.

Rooftop Mosaic

3. St Andrews on the Square - a wee bit of a wild card here because I'm not sure a city centre wedding would be for me but I have seen a lot of amazing weddings from here recently so it's made the list! The space is huge and fantastic and when you look up at the ceiling it has such a wow factor! I think it was this wedding photographed by Mirrorbox Photography that made me fall in love with this venue... (if I could also have the brides stunning red hair too that would be great!)

4. Dalduff Farm - of course there had to be a farm venue in here! This style of venue again is a little bit of a wild card for me but I feel that the farm/barn wedding is the up to date equivalent of a marquee in terms of it being a blank canvas in which you can create your dream wedding vision! I think Dalduff is somewhere we may not have heard a lot about yet but I'm sure is going to be extremely popular this year (they are fully booked for 2015) so it would be on my list as I think I could have quite a unique wedding here. Check out a gallery of wedding photos from Dalduff by Jeny Turner Photographyhere. The advantage of a venue like here and Boturich is the flexibility when it comes to catering (a choice of caterers or a wide range of menus) and alcohol (bring your own and pay corkage, hire a mobile bar etc). All these things can really help your budget.

5. Boturich Castle - so I still have to put in the venue we actually chose as today it would still very much be considered! I have such a love for Loch Lomond and it's amazing scenery. To get married in Scotland and not consider a Loch Lomond venue I feel would be a crime! Boturich Castle is a venue with a huge amount of flexibility and the best views across the Loch!

Rooftop Mosaic

And so, where would I choose to get married if I was doing it again and HAD to choose a different venue...?! Drum roll please... I would choose Pollok House. Here are my main reasons why...

1. Location - it's centrally located in the South side of Glasgow (where I call home), Pollok Park is somewhere I know really well and I would feel that my heart was really in this venue. I don't think as many people consider the connection to their home town when picking their wedding venue these days, I just feel it's really nice to feel you know the area you are getting married in.

2. I'm traditional - I have to admit it, I am a traditionalist at heart, and although I LOVE to look at and write about everyones fabulous barn weddings with crazy twists like unicorns and bridesmaids wearing Converses, for me and my own wedding it was very much about being timeless and Pollok House ticks the box in that respect.

Boturich Castle really was the best of both worlds as it is a Scottish castle on Loch Lomond, but the marquee provided me with that creative licence I needed to make a bit of a splash! I designed my own stationery and had a lot of input into my table settings and flowers, which really set the tone for our wedding. I wouldn't change it for the world!