our blogging bride | venue searching

While the search for a venue is arguably the hardest part of any wedding planning process, our search felt particularly prominent. As much as I loved the idea of eloping, in my heart I had fallen in love with the idea of our ‘big day’, with bridesmaids and family and speeches and dancing, so I was hoping against hope that we would find a venue that felt perfect to us.

Spoiler alert: it was not an easy task.

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our blogging couple | where do we start?

After the initial shock of 'OH MY GOD WERE ENGAGED, WE NEED SO MUCH MONEY', we had a sit down to have a chat about what we wanted our wedding to be. While these hypothetical conversations were fun and definitely inspired us in the initial planning stages, we realised that some things were better left off the drawing board. I mean, who has the money or training to expertly sky dive into a wedding ceremony while singing Queen?

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