tracy + tam | capital hotel

Tracy and Tam were married on 30th March at Edinburgh's Capital Hotel. They were planning their wedding for 18 months, which seems to be the norm nowadays, you will find at most venues you are looking at that sort of timescale for a weekend wedding date. I think it is a perfect amount of time for planning a wedding, and the time goes quicker than you think! The size of the venue and the location was what made Tracy and Tam pick Capital Hotel, it is on the outskirts of Edinburgh so perfect for people travelling from around Scotland and you won't get caught up in any of the traffic issues the city centre unfortunately has at the moment. Tracy loved every bit of her wedding planning, "The end result, seeing everything coming together. Choosing my wedding dress. The time spend with my bridesmaids." Which is just how it should be! Tam wasn't involved in the process too much, Tracy just generally ran things pass him!

Tracy found choosing her wedding dress quite easy, "I knew what I wanted however i just had to find the one. I got my dress from Gwennes Bridal in Bathgate. I visited the shop once and instantly fell in love. I tried about 10 dresses on and made another appointment to go back a second time. It was on my second visit I found the one. My dress was ivory sweetheart shape slightly puffed out but not over the top!" I absolutely LOVE the sweetheart neckline on Tracy's dress, it just suits her shape perfectly.

Tracy's flowers were from Heaven Floral.

Tracy and Tam had a Humanist ceremony. You can see all the Humanist celebrants on the Humanism Scotland website, and I would recommend going to meet your chosen celebrant beforehand so you can really get to know each other, giving you a beautiful and personal ceremony.

Tracy enjoyed every part of the day, "I would say from the night before the wedding, all my bridesmaids stayed over at my house. I had dressing gowns embroidered with bridesmaid and their names. The night was very chilled and the the excitement was way beyond what I've ever experienced. The morning of the wedding was also very special. Hair, makeup, photos. The best part for me I'd say was arriving at the hotel in the wedding car, on the approach I realised that it was actually happening and of course walking down the aisle! The whole day was amazing we have no regrets and weren't disappointed with anything!" Tracy remembers everything as if it was just yesterday!

On that note Tracy's advice would be to "plan ahead and be organised because the day itself just flies in and is over and done with so quickly!"

I asked Tracy to point out her favourite photograph of their day to me, and she chose this gorgeous shot of her and Tam in their wedding car!

Tracy and Tam's photogragher Phil from PSD Photography, was also kind enough to tell us about his favourite shots from the day. It's is very interesting to get the photographers perspective of the day!

He mentioned these two images for the following reasons " I always work hard to make my brides look relaxed in their photos and not too posed and a great way to do this is to get them to swing their feet up onto a seat or in this case a bench. We were in Corstorphine Walled Garden and it was bright sunlight and actually warm (not bad for March!). I used some post processing in Lightroom to create a pool of light effect and it made both Tracy and the dress look even more stunning."

"A big part of my job involves creating the right mood to allow the bride and groom to relax around me and then I can capture their true love for each other, without it seeming awkward. With Tracy and Tam the job was easy. They were so engrossed in each other that I merely had to be there and make sure I did my bit right. You can feel the love in so many of their photos and this wonderful shot shows that perfectly. I created the high-contrast black and white to look punchy and realistic."

I thought to finish off I would also showcase my own favourite photo from Tracy and Tam's wedding. This shot is so unique and subtle and I think it just shows off their love for each other perfectly, even though you can't even see their faces. Gorgeous!

A huge thank you to Tracy and Tam for letting us share their wedding on here on the blog, and thank you again to Phil at PSD Photography. His beautiful images say it all about this wedding!

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