yasmein + blair | pratis farm

I am so excited to share this wedding with you guys on Braw Brides, I hope you all love the details as much as I do! Yasmein's style and flair shows through the whole day, captured superbly by Phil at PSD Photography, so I will start with some of her gorgeous accessories... "I loved collecting images and ideas for inspiration. Different ideas for gifts, the venue and the wardrobe, my planner was bursting! I made my own head piece and bouquet and also the bridesmaids ones too. I wanted something that I could keep as flowers can be expensive and don’t last. I involved everyone and tasked them with collecting brooches and gems that could be used to create my bouquet. It took almost a year but I managed to collect enough to cover the whole thing. I didn’t throw it though as I think that may have been dangerous! Eek! Also trying on dresses was amazing!"

Unusual handmade bouquets are becoming very popular and I love how Yasmein made hers so personal! It is brilliant that she will be able to keep it as a momento of their day.

Yasmein and Blair were married on 1st June at Pratis Farm in Leven; which is a farm in the first instance as opposed to a wedding venue! Yasmein and Blair really thought outside the box after searching high and low for a venue and not finding the perfect one. "I liked the idea of having a blank canvas. I love design and have an over active imagination so this venue was ideal. It also catered for the number of guests we wanted to invite and the views are amazing!"

Blair was very involved in the planning too, "He booked the band, arranged the dance floor & lighting hire. He helped loads with the venue set up etc, however he left the "arty fart" stuff as he calls it, to me."

Yasmein found her stunning beaded dress in Pan Pan Bridal in Edinburgh, "I found it in the first shop I went into when someone else was trying it on. I had initially planned to make it and went to try on dresses to get a feel for the style I wanted. Then I tried this dress on and fell in love with it, the problem was it would have been impossible to make as it was hand beaded from head to toe. The man power involved in this dress must have been hours! The shape and fit was very simple, the main focus was the fabric, the whole thing weighed a ton but it was exactly what I was after.

"We decided to go for a Humanist ceremony, very informal but personal which we loved. We had a lot of involvement in what was said and chose the readings etc which made it all the more special for us. Neither of us is religious and felt this type of ceremony reflected us as a couple. I think that my clearest memory of the day would have to be the vows, I remember as it took me a few minutes before I could start saying them! Blair had to take a piece of paper out his pocket as he was afraid of forgetting them."

"I loved the ceremony and getting to mingle with all the guests. Time just went so quick, I know everyone says that but I honestly felt like it was over in a flash! We also had a carvery style dinner which was just brilliant, all the guests were involved and someone from each table had to put on a hat an apron and carve for their table. What a great way to get all the guests involved!" Yasmein and Blair's delicious carvery style meal was provided by Scotts Catering.

Yasmein and Blair thought of everything to keep their guests entertained, which is so thoughtful and made for a very unique wedding by the sounds of things! "There were lots of different things for the guests to get involved in: our guest book was a wish in a bottle, we had a candy bar, some props and a photo frame for the guests to play around with and each table had a marshmallow topiary tree (some tables including me tried to do the marshmallow challenge to see how many you can fit in your mouth, eventful!). There was a quiz on each table about us and also a 'words of wisdom' card for each guest to fill out (these were good to read the next day). The favours were cigars for men and the ladies had a set of 3 vintage keys with a personalized stamp on the tag. I also put a tub of goodies in the ladies loos which included essentials such as hair spray and deodorant."

"We also made a little “love story” section which included a plaque made with significant dates (when we got together, engaged etc) and photos of us from the beginning of our relationship until now.  One of my favourite “details” was the projector my sister had arranged, it again was a story of our lives together and all the things we had done. It played for approx 5 mins on a loop the whole day. We got to spend many days together at the venue just the 2 of us with the music on and a little picnic, it was such a nice build up to the day."

Yasmein's advice for future couples is very simple, "Make it a day that reflects you as a couple. Its so easy to get caught up in what 'should' be done, just make it your own."

Thanks so much to Phil at PSD Photography for providing us with his amazing images of Yasmein & Blairs wedding, and thank you to Yasmein for her amazing input... here is a venue stylist in the making!

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